LAMAVE joins forces with Liveaboard Solitude One for an exclusive Research Expedition in the Sulu Sea 

This September 2018, Solitude One, a liveaboard company dedicated to bringing divers exotic underwater encounters will host LAMAVE researchers and the public on an exclusive research expedition to Cagaynacillo in the Philippines. 

The expedition will contribute to LAMAVEs research to understand the movement ecology of sharks and rays in the Sulu Sea. A limited number of places are open to the public and Solitude One will donate 10% of each package sold to support LAMAVE's research.  

Onboard guests will have the unique opportunity to join dedicated surveys for rare and threatened marine megafauna, while educational lectures and insights to the work will be presented by LAMAVE Researchers throughout the trip. 

"This expedition provides an exciting opportunity for conservation-minded divers to join our team and get first-hand experience on the research being carried out by LAMAVE for the conservation of marine megafauna in the Philippines. Cagayancillo, in particular, is a new frontier for shark research, so the sense of adventure and exploration is that much greater" - LAMAVE Executive Director Sally Snow

The expedition itinerary and information on how to secure a place can be found in the photos below, or by downloading a PDF copy HERE.