LAMAVE is employing citizen science to gather research data for marine species, such as whale sharks, mobula rays, and marine turtles. Citizen Science is the collection and analysis of data by members of the general public, typically in a collaborative project with professional scientists. The approach often engages tourists and residents of a research site to submit photographs of individual animals to a website, a mobile app, or a researcher. This offers the potential of amassing a large amount of research at minimal cost, especially for ecotourism-targeted species.

Using photo-identification, individual marine turtles can be identified based on their uniquely-pattered facial scutes. This allows us to monitor individual turtles and amass data for each. By sharing your marine turtle pictures with us, you can help us build evidence for their residency patterns and habitat use in specific dive sites. However, as with any conservation project, minimizing our impact is top priority so please remember to stay at least 2 meters away from the turtles.



Do you have a marine turtle picture to share? Upload it on our Facebook group with the DATE and LOCATION of your turtle encounter. You can also upload it on your own page with our hashtag #turtleidph. Or, send it to us directly at

Please remember to observe proper interaction guidelines at all times.