LAMAVE are proud to be one of the new partners of Sustainable Seafood Week Philippines – an open and dynamic platform for interested stakeholders to discuss the status, challenges and awareness for more sustainable seafood in the Philippines.

2017 marks the second year for Sustainable Seafood Week Philippines, which will take place in Manila this February 20-26. Participants include the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Meliomar Inc., Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, Marco Polo Ortigas, Marriott Manila HotelShangri-La HotelsConservation InternationalGreenpeace Southeast Asia, and many more hoteliers, food cooperatives and NGOs. As an NGO that advocates conservation of some of our oceans largest and most charismatic marine megafauna, LAMAVE are excited to see so many cooperate businesses taking the pledge to provide sustainable seafood to their customers. As Vince Cinches, Ocean Campaigner for Greenpeace stated “10/13 fishing grounds in the Philippines are overfished. We must ensure sustainable seafood is available to everybody”. Overfishing which often involves destructive fishing methods, impacts all marine life. From depleting populations to scaring our ocean environment – it affects marine wildlife big and small. Large nets can lead to the death of turtles, whale sharks and many other large marine vertebrates who die as bycatch. Choosing sustainable seafood is a choice we can make to support responsible fishermen and protect our ocean inhabitants.

Sustainable Seafood Week Philippines is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, and we are excited to collaborate with Philippine stakeholders from hoteliers to government agencies to address these problems together.

For more information on the events happening in February follow the Sustainable Seafood Week Facebook Page for updates.