LAMAVE partners with the University of Plymouth to engage students in Marine Conservation 

We are delighted to be one of a number of research-based NGO's partnering with the University of Plymouth through the Ocean Giants Trust, to offer exciting new opportunities for marine biology students.

"The University of Plymouth is joining forces with the Ocean Giants Trust to create a series of exciting new opportunities for its marine students. The partnership will award a series of scholarships through which students will be able to complement their studies with work for charities in locations such as Mexico, Mozambique, the Philippines and Tanzania."

Through the scholarship, students will have the opportunity to join conservation efforts in the field. In addition to LAMAVE, other partners include the Marine Megafauna Foundation, the Mexican Caribbean Manta Ray Project and Sea Sense, a Tanzanian NGO. 

Starting in September 2018 eligible marine biology and conservation undergraduates will have the opportunity to apply for one of five scholarships towards a field placement with partnered NGOs. 

More information on this partnership can be found here