Brief Description

LAMAVE is looking for a Research Assistant to join our Rapid By-catch Assessment (RBA) Project studying the interactions between small-scale fishermen and marine megafauna, particularly marine turtles, sharks, and rays, in the Philippines.

The Research Assistant will be heavily involved in data collection, validation, and organisation; they will be required to train and oversee the work of local documenters in the field. Since the project will cover several localities across the country, the Research Assistant is expected to provide support in setting up the project in these study sites. They must be flexible and adaptable to project needs as the team might move between sites for various reasons; these sites include, but are not limited to, areas in Regions V and VII. The Research Assistant will also be counted on to assist in the various scientific, community, and educational activities that LAMAVE is involved with.

  • Position Type: Monthly Stipend

  • Research Sites: Luzon and Visayas

  • Position period: Minimum 6 months

  • Start Date: October 9, 2019

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