Meet our scholars! Each LAMAVE research project has at least one Filipino Scholar who is sponsored to join our team. These are our amazing LAMAVE Scholars! Our latest scholar is Jesah Baldesanso who was part of our whale shark research team in Northern Mindanao earlier this year. Here’s what the Filipina conservationist had to share with us…


Jesah Baldesanso

Naawan, Missamis Oriental

1. Where is home?

Home is Naawan, Misamis Oriental, Philippines.

2. Why are you excited to be working with LAMAVE?

It’s very exciting to have been involved and working with LAMAVE because it brought another set of adventures and experiences. And it’s true that fisher-folks have interesting perceptions about their seas and their Tawiki/Taloki (whale shark) which I found so fascinating.

3. Best LAMAVE moment so far?

My best moment in LAMAVE was my first whale shark, which I remember was on the 1st of May!

4. One moment/experience/idea that made you want to get involved with marine conservation?

Knowing that a lot of marine species are decreasing in populations made me get involved in marine conservation and advocate for the sustainability of our natural resources for the future generations.

5. One thing every Filipino can do for ocean conservation?

Filipinos can help in ocean conservation by sustainably using our resources and keeping the ocean clean from harmful plastic waste and chemical pollution.

6. Dream/Future job?

I am inspired to become a marine scientist, discovering the wonders of our marine realms.

Jesah sharing her experiences as a researcher to students of Salay National High School.

Jesah sharing her experiences as a researcher to students of Salay National High School.

If you are interested in becoming a LAMAVE scholar, read further details on our volunteer page and then follow our Facebook page for updates on new opportunities