The Philippines is home to one of the most rich marine ecosystems in the world. As such, the country needs a large number of marine conservation champions to safeguard its precious ocean life and habitats. Empowering as many budding local scientists and environmentalists as possible is crucial if Filipinos hope to achieve the necessary changes that will protect the Philippines’ marine ecosystems.

LAMAVE understands the need to build the capacity of the next generation of Filipino marine conservationists and does its part through its Iskolar ng Dagat program.

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Portia Scholar Story.png

Portia antig

Hometown: Cebu City

Volunteer, 2012

Cebu Whale Shark Research & Conservation Project

LAMAVE is a place where young marine conservationists can kickstart their careers... a place for dreamers, marine biologists who want to achieve their goals. It is a great stepping stone.


Hometown: Dumanjug, Cebu

Volunteer, AUG to OCT 2017

Cebu Whale Shark Research & Conservation Project

Clyde LAMAVE Filipino volunteer Cebu whale shark turtle project
When you’re dealing with real life (conservation) problems, you only really learn when you experience it firsthand. LAMAVE was a great teacher for me.

Kier LAMAVE Filipino volunteer Apo Island turtle project

Kier pitogo

Hometown: General Santos City

Volunteer, May 2016

Turtle Tourism Interaction Study, Apo Island

It was transformative and eye-opening at the same time. Dun ko na-feel yung real experience of a scientist doing conservation work (That’s when I felt the real experience of a scientist doing conservation work).

jalica dealca

Hometown: Sorsogon City

Volunteer, JAN to MAR 2017

Donsol Whale Shark Research & Conservation Project

Jalica LAMAVE Filipino volunteer Donsol whale shark project
For those who will be the future Filipino volunteers, LAMAVE is a place where you get to learn a lot about marine conservation, and you get to know a lot of amazing people.

Christine LAMAVE Filipino volunteer whale shark project Northern Mindanao

Christine Alagon

Hometown: Binuangan, Misamis Oriental

Volunteer, APR to JUN 2017

Whale Shark Research & Conservation, Northern Mindanao

There is a whole new world out there. In school, we only did assessments in the shallow part (of the sea). I never went to the deep part. (With LAMAVE) I was face to face with it (marine life).

LAMAVE Filipino volunteer staff whale shark project Northern Mindanao

To ensure the next generation of Filipino conservationists have the opportunity to grow and develop in the field of marine biology and conservation, LAMAVE’s research projects host at least one local volunteer per site (called a “scholar”). These scholars’ placements are sponsored by the NGO to ensure every individual, no matter their background or situation, has the ability to grow without the financial constraints often associated with gaining field experience.

An Iskolar ng Dagat volunteer does not have to pay for contributions fees and are provided with essential knowledge, training, and firsthand experience. Through this program, LAMAVE hopes to spur the growing Filipino marine conservation movement and establish marine conservation as a sustainable profession and fulfilling passion.

Apply to become one of our scholars. Or support our Iskolar ng Dagat program.