“What is an Iskolar ng Dagat?”

As a Filipino NGO, investing in the marine conservationists of the future is hugely important to LAMAVE and the success of marine conservation in the Philippines. To ensure there is always an opportunity to grow and learn, every LAMAVE project accepting volunteers hosts at least one local Scholar. To apply for the LAMAVE Scholarship you must be ☑ Filipino and have ☑ a passion for conservation.

Iskolar ng Dagat is a fully-funded internship program for Filipino citizens to join one of LAMAVE’s research and conservation projects in the Philippines (see the map below). It is an opportunity to gain hands on field experience and learn and apply scientific methods. You’ll work with a dedicated team, the local community and the LGU to contribute to marine conservation efforts. Food, accommodation and project related costs are supported by LAMAVE and our funders.

how can i apply?

1) Read about our current research project and choose which you would like to join.

Season: Jan - June
Requirements: Free-dive to 10 meters
Minimum commitment: 3.5 months
Project Goal: Study the aggregation of whale sharks in Donsol Bay using in-water and drone surveys.

Donsol Project Profile

Season: All year
Requirements: Minimum Advance Diver
Minimum Commitment: 1 month
Project Goal: Conserve and restore manta and devil ray populations in the Philippines. The project uses Remote Underwater Video Systems.

Ticao Project Profile

Season: All year
Requirements: Free-dive to 10 meters
Minimum commitment: 3 months
Project goal: To study the resident population of whale sharks and monitoring the impacts of provisioning on the animals.

Cebu Project Profile

Season: Nov - March
Requirements: Free-dive to 10 meters
Minimum commitment: 3.5 months
Project Goal: Monitoring the presence of whale sharks, as well as conducting in-water behavioural surveys and tourist compliance surveys in the area.

So.Leyte Project Profile

Season: April -October
Requirements: Free-dive to 10 meters
Minimum commitment: 3.5 months
Project Goal: Identify individual whale sharks and their movement in the area using non-invasive methods such as photo identification and GPS tracking.

Palawan Project Profile

Season: Opening soon
Requirements: Free-dive to 7 meters
Minimum commitment: 3 months
Project Goal: Monitoring the presence of turtles, as well as conducting in-water behavioural surveys.

Turtle Project Profile

2) Download and read the Project Profile. Be sure to read and understand the details and necessary requirements.


Donsol Whale shark Project


Southern Leyte Whale Shark Project


Cebu Whale Shark ProJect


Palawan whale shark project


Manta Bowl Project


Turtle Project

3) Email us a cover letter and a copy of your CV to volunteer[at]lamave.org.

Remember to:

  • State which project you are applying for in the email subject e.g. Southern Leyte Whale Shark Project

  • Tell us why you want to join the team and any other relevant information in your cover letter.

  • Indicate that you are a Filipino applying for the Iskolar ng Dagat internship.

4) Upon receiving your application, a member of our team will get back to you.

Ang Mga Iskolar ng Dagat

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LAMAVE is a place where young marine conservationists can kickstart their careers... a place for dreamers, marine biologists who want to achieve their goals. It is a great stepping stone.
— Portia Antig
Volunteering for LAMAVE is an opportunity to give back, learn, and discover. LAMAVE has the purest intentions for marine conservation through public awareness and research. It gave me a deeper understanding of conserving marine wildlife.
— Jalica Dealca

What else you need to know about being an Iskolar ng Dagat?

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internship inclusions

Our all-inclusive program will help every step of your journey to ensure that you can focus on maximizing your scientific and professional development as well as your personal growth.

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