Why we need your support

LAMAVE is a non-stock and would not exist without independent funding and support. Every gift, regardless of the size, makes a difference and has a tremendous impact on our work. Your gift directly supports scientific research, marine protection, and conservation efforts in the Philippines.


Bank Details for in-country donations

Account Name: Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines Inc.
Address: Cagulada Compound, Brgy Tejero, Jagna Bohol, Philippines
Bank name: Banco De Oro
Account Number: 007440086020
Branch: BDO Cebu Ayala Mall Branch


Got equipment to DonatE?

If you would like to donate equipment or other resources, please contact us directly at info[at]lamave.org

Make the most of your donation with Gift Aid, 5/1000 by donating through one of our country partners:

Italy: Physalus NGO

Bank Details
Account Name and Number: PHYSALUS
Account Number: IT17K0501803200000000127494
Bank Address: Via N.Tommaseo, 7, 35131 Padova, Italy
Bank phone number: +39-0642014305

Italian Tax Registration Number (tax exemption): 97507360580

Per la destinazione del tuo 5×1000 dell’ IRPEF basta inserire la tua firma and il nostro codice fiscale (97507360580) nel apposito modulo.

UK: Ocean giants trust

Ocean Giants Trust is a registered charitable incorporates organisation in England and Wales. Registered charity number: 1160470