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Ever wondered what it’s like to volunteer with the Large Marine Vertebrates Project Philippines?


Our volunteer blogs are first hand accounts of LAMAVE volunteer life; from day-to-day experiences to those unforgettable moments.  

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  • Meet the LAMAVE Scholars – first up is Kathy Mauyao..

             Meet our scholars! Each LAMAVE research project has at least one Filipino Scholar who is sponsored to join our team. These are our amazing LAMAVE Scholars! First up is Kathy Mauyao who is currently working with our whale shark research team in Southern Leyte. Here's what the Filipina conservationist had to share Read More
  • Top Gear crossed with Science and National Geographic – Nathan Ledger

    I joined the LAMAVE BRUV Project sometime near the end of March after a friend (out here on the Otter Project) messaged me on Facebook telling me of a last minute space on the project if I was interested, it took all of 2 seconds to make up my mind so I quit my job Read More
  • Smile! – Mariana Hill

    Walking in the street by my home in Mexico I can be as lonely as in a misty forest. Things are different here in the Philippines; everyone says ‘hello’ or calls my name. When I first arrived in Donsol local people commented that I never smiled, that I was lulong (crazy). But I am shy! Read More
  • Docu-mantarays with the community – Henry Appleton

    Who does not enjoy a good nature documentary? Nobody! At least this is the case on Saturday nights at the project site of LAMAVE’s Bohol fisheries project. Every Saturday we erect our home-made screen and set up a projector to show a documentary to the local community and thank them for their kind assistance in Read More
  • The One, The Only, The Mother – Marcus Parker

    Thank you for stopping by. What I am going to discuss next may shock and astound you. The faint of heart are advised to take their seats now. The ocean holds many mysteries, mysteries we have not even begun to unravel. One of those mysteries has captured everyone’s attention at LAMAVE: whale shark biology. There Read More
  • Field diaries from a manta and Microplastics researcher – Elitza Germanov

    What sort of images come to mind when you think of “marine conservation”? Blue waters and swimming through beautiful seascapes populated by endearing sea creatures? Well, yes, sometimes marine conservation does look like this if we are lucky to have the opportunity to work with a species in its natural habitat and that habitat is Read More
  • First day in the water – Jenny Hardy

    It’s an overcast and breezy, yet warm, morning. I’m standing on the sea’s edge, looking out across the water imagining and anticipating what’s to come – I’ll be swimming with whale sharks for the first time today. This amazing revelation doesn’t quite hit though – my alarm woke me at 6:30 in the morning, after Read More
  • On the sea with LAMAVE’s nation wide shark and ray assessment project

    As part of the new mobile BRUV unit my journey to assist with the documentation of sharks and rays across the Philippines began with the arrival to the first survey destination: Apo Reef National Park. On route from Sablayan numerous flying fish passed by the boat, sand banks emerged out of what could only be Read More
  • Match Maker: The Philippines Manta Database – James Leyland

    James Leyland completed his Masters degree in Chemistry at the University of Sheffield, specialising in high energy density materials, but has since had the revelation that he needs to get out more. Having spent previous summers with the manta rays of the Maldives, as part of Manta Trust, he recently joined the Large Marine Vertebrates Read More
  • Patiently waiting in Donsol, Sorsogon – Ody Lalim

    My day starts with good morning greetings from the Local Government Unit (LGU) Donsol staff and the boat men, plus a great view of the ocean. Getting on a boat and hoping to see a free swimming whale shark is the other part. Patience is a part of the adventure. As soon as the whale Read More