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LAMAVE has been actively working towards the conservation of sea turtles throughout the Bohol sea since 2010. Our main objectives are protecting turtle nesting sites, rescuing injured or stranded turtles, building an photo ID database for use in scientific investigation, and conducting environmental awareness and education campaigns.

Photo ID

Photo identification of turtles has become a useful tool in understanding turtle ecology; from residency patterns to migratory pathways. LAMAVE has been building a photo ID catalog using star-mapping technology to map the scale patterns on the left and right sides of individual turtle’s heads. LAMAVE has been using diver photographs and citizen science across the region, whilst also conducting dedicated turtle surveys twice a week to build this database.

Nest Protection

From 2010-2012, more than 20 turtle nests were recorded in Anda, Bohol, making this a critical sea turtle nesting area. We work with the community and the local government to monitor these nesting sites in order to ensure their continued protection.

Stranding and Rescue

LAMAVE has responded to over 20 sea turtle strandings in the Visayas, and works in conjunction with local governments to act as a rescue provider. For example, in 2011 we successfully rehabilitated a juvenile hawksbill turtle that was found emaciated, dehydrated, and unable to swim. In 2012, we responded to an injured olive ridley, the first ever reported in Bohol.

Environmental Education and Awareness

LAMAVE regularly conducts educational presentations on sea turtle biology and conservation for elementary and high school students, local fishermen, government employees, local authorities, and other members of the community.

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