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As part of our conservation efforts, LAMAVE works to spread awareness about the marine animals we’re working to protect and stress the importance of preserving their habitats.  Our information, education, and communication campaigns focus on promoting community education awareness, hosting events, working with local schools, providing internships and on the job trainings, and conducting marine wildlife rescue trainings.  LAMAVE frequently advises local governments and national authorities on the development and management of sustainable tourism and marine animal protection throughout the Philippines, and counsels the leaders of the dive and hospitality industries on sustainable marine wildlife operations and tours.  We also regularly conduct marine education classes in elementary and secondary schools.
Community Education Awareness

Raising environmental awareness in local communities is crucial to promoting the responsible and sustainable use of marine resources.  Together with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), National Fisheries Research and Development Institute under the Department of Agriculture (DA-NFRDI) and local governments, LAMAVE hosts workshops and meetings for local fishing communities that stress the importance of endemic marine animals and promote sustainable fishing practices.
Festivals and Events

Festivals and events are fun and effective ways to teach local communities about the importance of marine life and conservation.  LAMAVE and the Bohol Rescue Unit for Marine Wildlife organize interactive activities and festivals, including the annual Bohol Dolphin Festival and the Bohol Sea Young Defenders Day.  These activities include painting workshops, short film competitions, movie screenings, lectures, and stranding rescue simulations.
Local School Education Projects

LAMAVE is dedicated to promoting the appreciation and awareness of marine wildlife and conservation to younger generations that have the potential to make a significant difference in the future of the oceans.  LAMAVE regularly visits elementary and high schools to give educational lectures involving interactive activities that encourage students to learn through participation.  LAMAVE has also organized beach cleanups, youth camps, documentary screenings, and interactive educational exhibits.
Internships, On-the-Job Trainings, and Further Studies

LAMAVE recognizes the potential of students and recent graduates in ensuring the ongoing conservation effort.  We work with Philippine universities offering degrees in biology to offer mentoring and tutoring programs, as well as on-the-job training on the ecology and conservation of large marine vertebrates.
Rescue Training and Stranding Networks

LAMAVE consists of a group of dedicated scientists, biologists, and volunteers that share a common passion for marine conservation and rescuing injured marine wildlife.  LAMAVE currently collaborates with the Bohol Rescue Unit for Marine Wildlife (BRUMW) and the Cebu Marine Mammal Rescue Network (CEMARNET) to respond to marine animal strandings and conduct training workshops for locals.  More information about our marine animal stranding program may be found here.