Mindanao Whale Shark Research and Conservation Project

We are accepting applications for our Northern Mindanao Whale Shark Research and Conservation Project which will run from March to July.

We are looking for aspiring Filipino conservationists ideally with a background in environmental science/biology/marine biology and/or sociology, and an excellent work ethic. They must be at least:

– 18 years old
– College seniors
– Cebuano speakers
– Comfortable in shared living conditions with basic amenities in a remote provincial area
– Interested in community work
Available for a minimum of 4 weeks or 12 weeks if interested in in-water work

Preference will be given to applicants who can stay for a longer period of time.
There will be plenty of local community interactions from boat-based surveys to fisherman interviews and raising community awareness. For in-water volunteers, you will be trained to help collect photographic identification of the sharks and other in-water data.

For this, interested in-water applicants need to commit to a min. of 12 weeks and must be very water competent, own their own gear (ideally freediving fins- we can extend a discount to most stores in the Philippines), and physically fit to spend hours on a pumpboat or in the water, sometimes in rough conditions.
Accepted volunteers for in-water work will need to arrive in Cebu to complete the 10-14 day in-water training before travelling to Mindanao.

If not interested in in-water work, we will set a time and date to meet in Mindanao.

Download the LAMAVE Northern Mindanao Volunter Introduction Pack for full details

To apply, send a copy of your CV and a cover letter to volunteer@lamave.org. More information will be forwarded to on receipt of application.

LAMAVE Mindanao Project