Cleaning up 2017 with LAMAVE and the Ocean Protectors of Southern Leyte

For the LAMAVE Southern Leyte team and the Pintuyan community, starting the year right means cleaning up 200 meters of coastline. The staunch enthusiasm and effort of everyone, even in the rain, reaped 20 bags full of trash that have inevitably found their way into our shores. The ocean is an important life source for all. Each of us can help preserve a healthy marine ecosystem by being conscious of how much garbage we produce and reducing it.

A big thank you to the schools, the community, and the LGU of Pintuyan, Southern Leyte for their participation and support! Here’s to being better ocean protectors and encouraging others to be one!

Beach Clean up LAMAVE

LAMAVE community

Ocean Protector

LAMAVE Pintuyan Beach Clean Up!

Clean Up Team