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Blood Red

Blood Red clothing, designs develops and produces innovative and functional clothing and accessories for sailing and water sports. Their products are sold all over Asia. Creative and detailed work is their trademark, which comes along with an outstanding quality. The brand already provided various sailing teams and championships with their gear and started supporting LAMAVE after initially kiting out our Expedition Shark Team with professional equipment on their research trip to Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park. More recently, working with our researchers Blood Red designed a unique Free Diving Fin Bag for the team. The bag is also available to the public and each purchase includes a donation to LAMAVE.


The Cebruery

The Cebruery is an independent brewery, producing craft beer in various combinations of taste. Combining common and non-traditional ingredients the team creates unique kinds of beer, which have never been tasted before. Located in Cebu City, they are soon to share the handcrafted innovative beer with all the Philippine Islands. Since May 2015 the Cebruery has been supporting LAMAVE by giving a percentage of the sales of the Dugong IPA to our marine conservation projects.


The Rufford Foundation

The Rufford Foundation is a UK based charity, founded in 1999, offering grants for nature conservation projects in the developing world. At the moment they have 3042 Projects running in 148 countries, including the Philippines. The foundation has been supporting LAMAVE’s whale shark research project in Southern Leyte since 2015.


Conservation Sew Mates

Conservation Sew Mates was inspired and established by Zerlina Leung to support wildlife conservation efforts. By creating hand- sewed toys for sale, Sew Mates supports cetacean and whale shark research and conversation projects in the Philippines as well as creating an alternative livelihood for local women. Zerlina has helped establish a sew mates group in Southern Leyte, Bohol and Malapascua.


Conservation Media Group

The Conservation Media group is a Non-Profit Initiative of Day Follows Night, LLC.
Their mission is to build communications capacity to create measurable change through the use of video in ocean conservation and sustainable energy. CMG awarded LAMAVE with an Action Grant in late 2015, in order to produce 5 one minute films to promote sustainable tourism practices in the Philippines and campaign for National Marine Wildlife Interaction Guidelines.

Global Fin Print

Global Fin Print

Global FinPrint is a Paul G. Allen initiative that brings together an international research team and collaborators around the world to fill a critical information gap about the diminishing numbers of shark and rays. It is the first global, multi-institutional effort to combine existing baited remote underwater video (BRUV) data sets to create the largest and most comprehensive data-collection and analysis program of the world’s populations of reef-associated sharks and rays to provide insight that is essential to conservation efforts. LAMAVE is the Philippine representative of the initiative and Global Fin Print is supporting LAMAVE’s nation-wide shark and ray assessment project.


Ocean Giants Trust

Ocean Giants Trust is an international conservation charity, which protects the oceans largest and most threatened marine species, and their biologically important habitats. Responding to the global threat of extinction to some of the most iconic species on the planet, they believe that only through integrating international research, with local marine conservation and education will Ocean Giants survive and thrive. Working exclusively with both internationally renowned scientists, and local project partners, the Ocean Giant Trust offer a new, refreshing and more effective approach to the understanding and protection of these amazing creatures. Read more about how they support LAMAVE HERE.